NAF Human Resources & Civilian Personnel

Civilian Employment at Shaw AFB is coordinated through two offices, NAF Human Resources and Civilian Personnel. NAF Human Resources handles all Non Appropriated Fund employment. The Civilian Personel office handles all Appropriated Fund positions. Both offices are located in the MPF, Bldg 1118, located at 504 Shaw Drive on the second floor.

  Civilian Personnel Office     NAF Human Resources Office  
504 Shaw Drive   504 Shaw Drive
(803) 895-1617                (803) 895-1574
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NAF Human Resources

The NAF (Non Appropriated Fund) Human Resources Office is part of the Force Support Squadron (FSS). The mission of FSS is taking care of Air Force people while sustaining air combat forces through customer-focused programs fostering espirit de corps and quality of life. FSS operates a variety of activities. Civilian NAF employees are employed by the United States Air Force and paid from Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF). Although NAF employees are federal employees of the Department of Defense (DoD), NAF employees are separate and distinct from other Air Force civilian employees.

NAF Employee Handbook

NAF Union Contract

NAF Life Insurance Summary Sheet

About 20th FSS

Force Support provides for the physical, cultural, and social needs and general well-being of military members and their families, providing community support systems that make Air Force bases hometowns for a mobile military population.

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