Military Personnel Services

The MPF (Military Personnel Flight) is the focal point for Air Force personnel matters! Located in the 20th Mission Support Building, Building 1118, we can assist active duty members, their dependents, Guard/Reserve members, retirees, and DOD civillians with a variety of services related to your stay at Shaw Air Force Base such as CAC issuance, passports, and more. For self-service actions, please visit the virtual MPF via the AF Portal.

20th Military Personnel Flight Leadership:
Captain Brianna M. Jones
DSN: 895-7830
MSgt Jaleesa C. Gleaves
MPF Chief
DSN: 895-1926

504 Shaw Drive

Relocations/Outbound - 895-1585 (
Reenlistments/Extensions - 895-1634/1594
Decorations - DSN: 965-1632/COMM: 803-895-1632 (
Force Management - 895-1581 (
Promotions - 895-8973 (
Separations/Retirements - 895-8973 (
Passports - DSN: 965-1633/COMM: 803-895-1633 (

(803) 895-1596/1598
Force Management

Force management has many fuctions within the MPS. We update duty information/status, personnel actions, and evaluations (EPR/OPR/LOE).

Sections within Force Management include: evalutations, employments, and customer support. Our customer support office is the focal point for in-processing.

OIC: 895-1582
NCOIC: 895-1582

Force Management DSN: 965-1597

Evaluations DSN: 965-1582