McElveen Library

The McElveen Library aims to provide a complete information center to aid with mission essential and educational resources to accomplish the Air Force mission, connect units to specific, relevant courses and resources, increase productivity, fulfill training requirements and provide all patrons a safe, studious, and pleasant environment conducive to lifelong learning.

About the McElveen Library

McElveen Library is a full media resource center providing resources in a large variety of areas and different mediums. The McElveen Library has been enhancing the literary collection with digital books. In a digital age, it is easier than ever to provide premium content to our patrons "online" lending popular and classic eBooks, audiobooks, and establish interactive multimedia with tablets and with other electronic reading devices through Overdrive. Some of our other plans include creating individual or small group multi-purpose rooms that can be used for study, expanding our technological offerings to better suit the needs of an ever-changing Air Force, and a variety of other changes designed to make the library a more effective resource center.