Family Child Care

Conveniently located inside the CDC Annex, Shaw's Family Child Care office provides you with resources and alternatives to center-based child care. We offer regular care of children in the home of a licensed provider. Care is provided on a full time, part time or hourly basis.

320 Laurel Street
(803) 895-1864
Federal Tax ID# 570522484

Millitary Child Care is a secure Department of Defense website provides a single gateway for you to find comprehensive information on military-operated or military-approved child care programs worldwide. With MilitaryChildCare.com, you create an account and maintain a family profile that you can access at any time from any location.

The profile stores your basic information such as sponsor name, contact information, family type, and child data. With this profile you can conduct a customized search for a wide range of child care options, request care across services, submit unlimited requests for care, and remain on waitlists for a preferred program even after being offered care by another program.

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What is Family Child Care (FCC)?

Family Child Care (FCC) is designed to provide certain military members care outside of the typical 50 hours a week alloted at the Child Development Center and Youth Programs.

In an FCC home, there are no more than 6 children present under the age of 12. The Air Force has developed a system to use in offering this program. Persons who want to operate an FCC home must meet certain base requirements before offering child care. Operating an FCC home in government quarters is a privilege granted by the base commander to persons who have satisfactorily completed training requirements, home inspections and agency screenings.

FCC is designed to ensure the health and safety of the children cared for are protected, and the operation of such homes does not detract from the quality of life of Air Force families. Meals served to the children in care meet the guidelines of the USDA child and adult care food program.

The Family Child Care office is here to serve you with your child care needs, interest in child care employment, concerns about current providers, or by offering support to our providers. Please give us a call at 895-1212 if you need FCC services.


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