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Kids Night Out/Give Parents a Break Night

From February 04, 2022 18:30 until February 04, 2022 22:30
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Event Description:

Everyone needs a break from the family life now and then. Parents need some time alone together and kids need some time with friends without parents around! Kids Night Out/Give Parents a Break night is the perfect way for everyone to get what they need! Your children will be well taken care of and have a ton of fun from 6:30 - 10:30 p.m. Children from 6 weeks old up to 12 are eligible to take advantage of this night. Every child is just $7 per hour! GPAB certificates are accepted (see the AFRC for eligibility!). All children must have current immunization record. Please call 895-2252 for ages 5-12 and 895-2247 for under age 5.