Freedom Colorama

From July 13, 2019 6:00 pm until July 13, 2019 8:30 pm
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Event Description:

Bowl and win CASH at Shaw Lanes Bowling Center's Freedom 9 Pin No Tap Colorama on July 13! Get a strike and win from $1 to $25! Get a natural strike (all 10 pins) with a red head pin and double any prize under $10! If 30 or more people participate, the high score will win CASH, so bring your friends! 

This is a 9-pin no tap tournament.

Bowl three games with three different color pins in the rack. The bowler has the opportunity to win from $1 to $25 for strike. The amount of money is determined by where the color pins are located in the rack. A natural strike with the RED headpin will pay double on all prizes LESS THAN $10. To receive money for colored pin strikes, the strike CANNOT be a 9-pin strike. It MUST be a natural strike. We will also pay for the high game, provided there are at least 30 bowlers entered in the tournament. 

2019 Special - As an extra incentive, we will give away a brand new PS4 if someone can bowl a no tap 900 series. For those who do not know what that is, it is three 300 games. IF there is more than one bowler who can roll a 900, there will be a roll-off with all bowlers involved. That roll-off will be as follows:

-Bowlers will take turns rolling one ball at a time (no-tap rules still apply). After each shot, the bowler with the lowest pin count will be eliminated.

-If after 5 frames there is still more than one bowler alive, bowlers will continue rolling one ball at a time, but no-tap rules will no longer apply in other words, a 9 is a 9, not a strike.

*This event is for patrons 18 and older*